Yesterday I headed out to Downtown Brooklyn for the World Science Festival – Innovation Square. Stopped to get a bite first at Golden Fried Dumpling in the area. They have $1 for 4 Dumplings and stuffed Sesame Pancake Sandwiches.

I had both. Pretty decent with some vinegar and the thick chili paste on the table. They were kind of similar to Vanessa’s menu, except, I think the turnover (at least on the weekend) is slower. So they were already made by the time I walked in. The Sesame Pancake Sandwich just needed to be assembled with thin slices of pork belly.

I was plenty stuffed for only $3. A real good deal. Not many places like this, unless you are in Chinatown.

Golden Fried Dumpling – 192 Duffield St (btwn Willoughby & Metrotech) Brooklyn, NY 11201

I had fun at the World Science Festival – Innovation Square (at Metrotech Plaza/NYU Polytechnic). Saw some pretty cool things like a panel on indie video game making. That kind of inspired me. I want to make a video game now.

I had a beer at Luciano’s next door so I could use the restroom. Then 30 minutes later I had to go again because of the beer I drank before. So I drank another beer to use the restroom again …and the cycle continues.

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