Last night, Dessert Professional honored the Top 10  Pastry Chefs in America across the street from my office.

Top 10 Pastry Chefs in America – 2012

Nathaniel Reid - Norman Love Confections, Naples FL
Jean-Marie Auboine –
 Jean-Marie Auboine Chocolatier, Las Vegas, NV
Chris Hanmer - 
The School of Pastry Design, Las Vegas, NV
Sally Camacho - 
WP24, Los Angeles, CA  
Craig Harzewski - 
Naha, Chicago, IL 
Sandro Micheli –
 Daniel, NYC
Marc Aumont - 
The Modern, NYC
Christina Tosi – Momofuku Milk Bar, NYC
Damien Herrgott – Bos ie Tea Parlor, NYC
Angela Pinkerton – Eleven Madison Park, NYC

2012 Hall of Fame Honoree: Marcel Desaulniers, Mad About Chocolate.

Some really good stuff. My favorites were the Chocolate Beignets and the Pork Buns. I ate too many sweets. I think I got diabetes last night.

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  1. Niko


    Awesome photos and coverage man–looks like you’re turning over to the dark side…


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