I always like the smell of the Halal Cart when I go to Soho after work. This time I was in the area during lunch and there were many carts out. I was trying to find the one I smell at night, but there were three carts parked next to each other. I went with the strongest smelling one, directly in front of H&M (Broadway between Prince & Spring).

Got the Lamb & Chicken over Rice $6. Not so bad. Pretty solid. Nice level spiciness. Great first few bites. But couldn’t really finish it.

I’m not sure if it’s worth me trying the other carts. Although I’ve read good things on Yelp about the one on the corner of Houston and Broadway.

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  1. ayesha

    It’s fact we prefer those things which smells too good. Yep it’s true that soho is very famous in london.


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