I got this Thrillist deal in my email for endless chili at $24. The picture of the bread bowl looked great. But at first I didn’t think it sounded like a great deal, because I’m not sure how much chili I could eat in one sitting. It turns out it’s NOT just one sitting of chili. It’s a pass for multiple visits of chili from now until Labor Day (September 3, 2012). You can only get one item per day, but you potentially have 96 days of chili left …if my counting is correct. The chili retails at $9 for the large. That’s an amazing deal, if you’re committed to get your money’s worth and more.

I think they give me $10 if you sign up through here. I don’t care if you use this link or not. I’m not trying to make money. I just think this could be an amazing deal if you try to get every single chili you could get out of it. But why don’t you want to use my referral link? Now no one gets the $10.


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  1. Nicholas

    The chili looks a little dry, but what a fantastic deal. There are so many sites like that out and about now. I only just discovered http://www.fab.com/sale – it’s fun. People think it’s weirder than your normal Groupon.


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