Went to my regular Chinese take out where there was a Chinese guy in front of me ordering in Chinese. I figured I would repeat the same thing that I heard him call the Chinese Mustard Greens. When I did, the lady looked at me blankly and asked “You want the vegetables?” Dang.

Taste Good – 18 W 25th St. (btwn Broadway & 6th St), New York 10010
01 Taste Good Gai Choy

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    […] Not trying to be a fast food blog, but I’m amazed at all the hits from my Black Jack Taco Bell post. I figured I’d try to see what happens when I post about White Castle’s new Spicy Buffalo Chicken Rings. What happens when a Chinaman attempts to order these chicken rings? Will I get chicken wings? Like that time I ordered “curry fries” at some bar and they gave me “curly fries.” It’s okay, White Castle understood me. I don’t think Chinese people understand me. […]


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