About Me So Hungry

Me So Hungry (mightysweet.com) is the creation of Jason Lam – TV producer, musician, former MidtownLunch contributor and 2011 Chicago Food Film Festival Filmmaker of the Year. Based in NYC, Jason writes about restaurants, food products …and occasionally makes an embarrassing video.
[I like how I just wrote about myself in the third person.]

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My YouTube Channel – http://youtube.com/chinolam
My Twitter – http://twitter.com/chinolam
My Record Label – Little Lamb Recordings
My Bands: Tigers and Monkeys, Justice of the Unicorns
My Mashups – https://soundcloud.com/jason-lam-1

Hollywood asked me to make this audition video a while back. I thought I was going to be the next Guy Fieri.

Check out my foodie web-series, ME SO HUNGRY!

I would also like to thank long-time reader turned long-time contributor Tio Wally for all his lovely posts over the years. A long-time truck driver reporting back on his eats from all across the country.

Tio Wally