After our show at Fontana’s, Rusty, Janet and I went next door to get some food. I was looking at the menu, trying to pick out a few things that they would eat. Dang this menu is heavy duty! Wintermelon w/ Fish Stomach Soup, Hot & Sour Pig Skin soup, Braised Goose Web, Hot & Spicy Duck’s Tongue, Goose Intestine w/ Tender Leek, Sauteed Leek w/ Pork Blood, Do Do Frog Legs, Crispy Intestine, and maybe for dessert: Meat White Ball Soup?  This is my dream menu!

I had to play it safe though and just get the Pork Sparerib Noodle Soup and Sauteed Watercress Spinach. Russ kept talking about the Frogs on a Hot Sizzling Plate. He wanted to try them. I thought he was drunk and mumbling. But he mentioned it again the next day. Man, if only I knew he was serious.

Janet took some cool shots of the seafood tank. I’m mesmerized by them. So I put them all up.

Fen Yang Corporation – 107 Eldridge Street (btwn Broome & Grand) New York 10002

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