Popped into this well-known (but at the same time obscure) dirty bodega for their popular tacos. Put in my order, grabbed a beer from the fridge and tried to squeeze in a seat on the few tables. The tacos were yummy at the going rate of $2.50 each. Lengua (tongue) was so tender. Best tongue I’ve ever had. Pork was marginally better. Bits of soft skin in there made it even more moist and flavorful.

They had Pepsi in 12-ounce glass bottles that looked like they have been recycled for decades. It’s not the new Pepsi Throwback I’m talking about, but real old bottles that’s scratched up and looks like it has peeled off sticker residue. I’m surprised someone is still bottling it this way.

The girl sitting behind me asked if I was Alaskan. I said I wasn’t and that was awkwardly the end of the conversation. I wonder if she thought I looked like an Eskimo or like Sarah Palin.

Zaragoza Deli – 215 Ave A (btw 13th and 14th St) New York, NY 10016

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