I walked out of Guitar Center, happy that I just bought myself a Fender Mustang bass guitar and noticed a crowd around this food truck, the Bistro Truck. I’ve heard about this on the blogs. I saw CBS.com News shooting a bit and asking the guys in line if they were twittering, to which they said “no.” I jumped in line and it seemed like they had an extra Chicken Brochette sandwich that someone ordered but wasn’t confessing to. I was teetering on the grass fed burger that looked pretty good and the lamb brochette. The lady asked me if I wanted the Chicken Brochette. I weighed in on the wait time vs my curiosity of the lamb. I’m not a fan of lines, but am a fan of persuasion. $5 for a quick Mediterranean bistro style sandwich is not bad for Manhattan. The coleslaw in it did it well. And $4.75 for the grass fed burger, not a bad deal. I’m still curious about the lamb though …and why CBS.com didn’t ask me if I was twittering.

Bistro Truck – on 5th Ave (btw 16th & 17th St) NYC at the time. Follow their Twitter.

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