I got curious after writing my last post, that I ran to the Mexican grocery in my neighborhood to picked up a Mexican Pepsi in what looks like an old recycled glass bottle (with scratch marks). It was next to the Mexican Coca-Cola and Fanta, all in recycled bottles as well. Also picked up one of those new Pepsi Throwbacks (the new retro-looking soda highlighting its use of real sugar) at another bodega.

Generally these Mexican sodas have real sugar in them. I’m not sure if some bottlers have switched to high-fructose corn syrup because of this lawsuit (Pepsi sues distributor for selling the Mexican version in the US), but there was a sticker label attached to the bottle possibly because of it. The label said it contains High-fructose corn syrup and/or Sucrose.

Comparing the Mexican Pepsi and Pepsi Throwback:
– They tasted very very similar, which leads me to believe this particular Mexican Pepsi has real sugar. If there’s a difference in flavor, it could be based on factors such as what stayed cooler (in the plastic or glass container), which stayed carbonated longer (with twist or pop off tops), and what I tasted first. It was almost psychological if I thought one tasted different.
– Both really sweet. Much sweeter than regular sodas I’m used to. Does that make it taste better? I guess so? It’s a different type of sweet. Like Russ said, “It taste like a Slurpee.”
– I didn’t know if I should be drinking out of the Mexican Pepsi bottle. How old is it? Who’s mouth has been on it?
– The Mexican Pepsi is more retro-cool. Being in an old bottle makes it more retro. And not trying to be retro, makes it more cool.

It’s a good thing Pepsi is bringing real sugar back to the U.S. It gives people the opportunity to taste what it used to be like or what it is like south of the border. I suppose you can debate the health benefits of sugar over HFCS. But I suppose you can debate the health benefits of not drinking soda at all.

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  1. Matt

    I have been looking for Glass Bottled Pepsi in New York. I was wondering what store you found the Mexican Pepsi?


    • Jason Lam
      Jason Lam

      You can find these at one of the Mexican Bodegas in East Williamsburg. Specifically, the one on Grand St. between Bushwick and Humboldt. And I’m sure you can find it on Graham Ave somewhere between Broadway and Scholes. And I think they they have them in the East Village at Zaragoza Deli – 215 Ave A (btw 13th and 14th St) New York, NY 10016, where they also have great tacos.

      Good luck!

      • Matt

        Good info. Thanks a lot! That was a quick reply. I don’t know why they ever stopped making the glass bottled stuff in the here.

    • Gerard

      I get it at “New Yorker Bagels” at 31-06 36th Ave in LIC/Astoria. I work in the neighborhood so I sometimes stop there to eat on my way to the train. It’s not really a bagel shop, its more of a Mexican restaurant that sells bagels and other American diner type stuff. Great tacos. Great Pepsi too.

  2. Mannix

    I had my first Mexican Pepsi today,It was awesome. It is made from cane sugar and you can taste the difference.Love the old style bottle.The throw back is good but has a bit of a aftertaste but still better than the corn sugar kind. And of course you know what diet coke has in it,pure poison…The Pepsi man here in Oregon just started distributing these.You have to use a old time bottle cap opener so if you get one make sure you have a opener with you.

  3. Rodrigo

    Hi, I live in México, and, this is not the only presentation you can find of Mexican Pepsi, there are cans and bottles from 12 oz to 3 liters, and that Mexican glass bottle is very older, in the taquerias and restaurants you cans find the same glass bottle, but new and obviously, with the new logo.
    And believe me, that Pepsi very cold, tastes better than a bottled one. Saludos y que Viva Mexico!

  4. Bea

    I prefer Mexican Pepsi or Coke!! It tastes better then the United states sodas. I buy Mexican Pepsi and Coke sodas at Woodmans Sun Prairie, WI.

  5. Miguel Saavadera

    The lawsuit had nothing to do with contents. It was about ‘reused,’ mugged up bottles (didn’t look nice, and was supposedly hurting Pepsi’s image). B.S.!

    No. 2 ~ the bottle above is an American Pepsi (so is the plastic bottle Throwback). Mexican Pepsi’s do not have a twist off cap. (this one does) No where on the physical bottle is ‘Made in Mexico/ Hecho en Mexico'(in this order) except the phoney label which was later attached … ALL Mexican Pepsi’s have ‘Made in Mexico/Hecho En Mexico’ ON THE BOTTLE. They are quite proud of their product, thank you very much. The American version is a stubby 12 oz (above), where the Mexican version is a ‘long necked’ version. And the formals ARE different

    No.3 The Mexican Pepsi tastes sweet (real sugar) and is not a carbonated (fizzy). The formula for throwback & new stubby version verses the Mexican Pepsi are slightly different … there is more lime in the Throwback so it has slightly more bite, more fiz in the stubby.

    Here in the West Pepsi Co was importing Mexican ‘new’ bottled Pepsi’s ~ now they are not … trying to introduce this stubby phoney version as Mexican (faux)… and cover the removal of the Throwback with the new canned ‘sugar’ version.

    Personally, I am having the bunged up bottled version of a real Mexican Pepsi shipped in from, where else. Mexico! I know what is in it, and where it actually is from.

  6. nachrichten nrw

    Glees erklärt die Irritation in Europa damit, dass
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  7. Corrine

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