Kenka on St. Marks, where they have $1.50 Kirin and Sapporo drafts and complimentary self serve cotton candy …which I got all over my new jacket sleeve. Lesson learned. I was curious about the Japanese Employee’s Meal special on the menu. The waitress had to check with the kitchen to see what it was. I didn’t understand what she said, but I ordered it anyway. It turned out to be fried ground pork patties. I was hoping to get what the employees are going to eat. I have my doubts that they eat this for their meal, but it was still good. I was also thinking of ordering the Bull’s Penis which I’ve had before, but thought it only be for the sake of the food blog. I chose not to let the blog control my life and chose the Angler Liver instead. I figured I’d finished liver before I finish a bull’s penis. Love the liver. It made me think that no matter what animal you get liver from, they all have a similar taste.

As far as the bull’s penis when I had it back in the day, I remember it tasted like thick pasta with strawberry Fruit Roll-up flavor. No shitting. My friend Ryan and I took a bite and left it alone, then always came back to try it again. Oh yeah, that was at my old gf’s b-day dinner. I think I impressed her and her friends.

Then off to Felger’s going away party. Could this be the first time I’ve eaten a cookie cake? I can’t remember. Then off to tag team on Karaoke at Legion (Monday nights in Brooklyn). I felt better than I had in a long time waking up in the morning, except for feeling like I got a hammer to my legs.

Kenka Restaurant – 25 Saint Mark’s Pl. New York, NY 10003

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