Our Caribbean adventure continues as we walked up to Prospect Heights for what many say is the best Caribbean food in NYC at The Islands. I got the address from Yelp (Washington Ave between Sterling & St Johns Pl). So we followed my lead towards one of the streets. Then we noticed that we following two girls, a guy and a baby. Walking right behind them, turning at the same streets. We got to our corner and saw Tom’s Diner. I was staring at the menu for a few minutes. Then looked down the street to see if I can see The Islands. Oh shit. I was standing right next to the group we’ve been following for the past 15mins, going into their apartment. They seemed a little bit nervous.

Anyway, we kept walking up and down the street and couldn’t find the Islands. Yasmin finally called them. It was pretty much right where we started at the edge of the park, before we went in a long circle and stalked the two girls, a guy and a baby. I’m going to see if I can change those Yelp cross-streets right now. There’s a shuttered business closer to those cross-streets called “Island Taste” with a green awning that says “West Indian Cuisine – Jerk Chicken – Patties.”  I’m sure newbies like me think that was it and they closed. Fret not. Go towards the Key Foods. It’s right next door.

I was told by a Jamaican friend to get the Jerk Lamb. I was going to do a joke about “You are what you eat. Jason Lam–>Jerk Lamb”, but they didn’t have any and now my joke is ruined. We got the large Jerk Chicken instead. Huge portions for $12. Came with Rice and Peas and Cabbage Veggies. So good. Really nice spice. Chicken was the most tender I’ve ever seen for Jerk Chicken. The drumstick meat fell off the bone. I’m not usually a drumstick fan, but this was great.

Nice to take the food a block away to eat in front of the shooting water fountain at the Brooklyn Museum. I feel like I’m home …at Epcot.

The Islands – 803 Washington Ave (btwn Eastern Parkway & Lincoln Pl) Brooklyn, NY 11238

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