I spent about an hour walking around because I was so indecisive for lunch. Yeah, check me out trying to pick out a toothpaste. I’m getting better though. I ended up at Fava where they have falafel pita type sandwiches. I splurged for the Mediterranean Combo (falafel, humus, baba ganoush, grape, leaves and feta cheese). It was really good. But I’m curious if you really get more when you are paying more or you’re just paying more because they have to scoop more different things in your pita. I only got one falafel. I guess that makes sense because you are only limited to the physical size of the pita. But say for instance lamb on rice and chicken on rice is both $5. But if you want lamb and chicken on rice, it is $5.50, but you’re only getting half lamb and half chicken –not more physical meat if you just picked one. I don’t get it. But I will get it, because I like more different things on my plate/pita.

Fava – 77 Lexington Ave (@ 26th St) New York 10010
01 Fava
02 Fava Mediterranean Combo Pita sandwich

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