Ryan and Meghan came back to visit NY. We started off at happy hour at Hot Bird, then walked over to the Vanderbilt for some fancy small plates. I saw Sarah and Albertina already eating and went over to say hello. They asked me if I was going to the party? What party? They said the one they emailed and Facebooked me on. Where? Hot Bird. Dang, I was just there! Well come back over. Oh shit yeah, Happy Birthday! …I felt like a total ass, but I’m glad they reminded me.

I really don’t remember how the food was at the Vanderbilt after all the cocktails, wine and beer. I’m just surprised how I could food blog on autopilot with all these photos. That’s pretty impressive. I wonder if the uni pasta reminded me of a 1982 VCR from Winter Park, FL, like uni usually does. I do remember reliving a Florida moment with Hinkle after dinner with an air-jam recreation of our old band’s Szechwan Pork’s The Turkey Song. Wow, was I always into food?

I also remember stumbling back over to Sarah’s birthday party at Hot Bird, where I believe I talked Starlee’s ear off about the Secret and I don’t remember why. But turns out that she’s writing a book about self-help. Maybe she’ll write how drunk food bloggers love the Secret. Maybe it was the Secret that led me back to ramble about the Secret?

The Vanderbilt – 570 Vanderbilt Ave (btwn Pacific & Dean St) Brooklyn, NY 11238

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