A free pizza pie with each beer you buy. That’s a deal. I never really thought too much about this pizza before. No one claims it’s great. But this particular night when I really thought about it, I was impressed.

The pies usually come out soft, but if you get lucky with a little bit of charred crust …dang. Sprinkle some seasonings on it. Remember to salt it. I think that’s the secret to good pizza …a little bit of saltiness. Have a couple beers and that pizza is such a good deal.

Knowing what I know now about food and having my tastes change over the course of writing this blog, I would have thought the pizza was gross before. But now I appreciate it. And I appreciate those pizza guys in the back of the bar, turning out pizzas over and over each night. Practice makes better pizza.

Alligator Lounge – 600 Metropolitan Ave (btwn Lorimer & Leonard) Brooklyn, NY 11211

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