I checked out the indoor Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg Winter Market. I walked around and it looked like a lot of good food. I felt bad for the Royal Cuisine booth though. The guy working it looked so lonely. I decided to get three BBQ Jerk Ribs for $5. You can get one for $2.

The guy told me about the hot sauces they had in squirt bottles. One was sweet and the other spicy. I think they were made from scotch bonnet peppers. They were really good. The spicy one was awesome, but really frickin spicy.

The ribs were a little tough, but good flavor. I probably should have gotten one rib, so I had more room to try other stuff.


01 Royal Cuisine - Winter Smorgasburg02 Royal Cuisine BBQ Jerk Ribs - Winter Smorgasburg

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