Awesome party for Daniel Delaney’s video food blog, VendrTV. He had Calexico Carne Asada, Schnitzel & Things, and Wafels & Dinges parked outside, dishing out the food. I’m ashamed to say I’ve been turned off from their long lines in the past and never tried them, but now I believe. I believe in them all. One of the better juicy pork tacos I’ve eaten. The chicken schnitzel was really good. I gotta try the deep fried schnitzel burger next time. I had a bite of everyone’s waffle. Yes, eat fresh waffles! Dinges? I think I corrected someone how to pronounce it, but I think I was wrong.

Makes me think of my past prejudices against newish-hipster food carts/trucks, like when I thought it was a sad day when Calexico won their Vendy. Why can’t young people make food just as good, if not better than a poor-looking immigrant at a dirty cart? I feel as dirty as those roach carts –for not having faith.

Ran into old food blog friends like Amy & Robyn. Made many new food blog friends. Dance party. Dan’s friend tried to teach me how to salsa or tango. I thought I was amazing. She thought I was drunk. I kept forgetting her name, so I thought it was a good trick to hand her my phone to put her number in. Then I later realized she didn’t put her name. I thought I was going to text something clever to find out her name, but the next morning all I saw in my outgoing messages: “Your butt accidentally called my phone.” I guess I really wasn’t good at the tango.

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  1. Amy Blogs Chow

    With hair as good as yours, I don’t believe there’s anything you can’t do – including the tango. And sorry to read the girl didn’t put in her name! Anyway, hope to see you again soon, Jason!

  2. veronica

    robyn and i couldn’t find you guys when we returned from the bathroom, so we never got to say goodbye.. sounds like we left at the wrong time and missed out on a good dance party! it was nice to meet you, thanks for enlightening me about yugioh (is that how you spell it?) and saturday morning cartoons.

    • admin

      Oh right. Party was great! Can’t wait for next year! Thank you Dan and the Brooklyn Lagers.

  3. Melissa Zhang

    That’s a wicked looking photo of me with the poor wafel that’s about to meet its demise. All of my food should fear me. Tremble on the way into my tummy!

    Nice meeting you on Friday! You gotta teach me those salsa/tango moves next time.

  4. Robyn

    I’m really late to the commenting party, but it was nice seeing you last week! I feel bad for missing everyone when I left with Veronica, d’oh. We’ll have to eat again some other time. I don’t dance though, so no dance party for meee.

      • Tisha

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