Yesterday, I spent the morning on my friends’ (The Variety SHAC) comedy pilot shoot for IFC. It looks like it’s gonna be awesome and star-studded (including a famous food blogger in the background). I split a bacon, egg & cheese sandwich with Fred Armisen. I think he liked it. I thought it could use some mayo. That, donuts and coffee for the morning craft services. Then the table turned into snacks from Trader Joe’s –an array of cookies, fruits and energy bars. For lunch, big trays of Italian and Mexican food that smelled like Chinese take-out in the hallway.

And today, I was just picking up some blood sausages for tonight and happen to pass by Daniella’s Coffee Shop Diner which was shut down for some production crew. And then I saw my friends dressed as cops with mustaches in the window. Rusty said he did see a TV crew in his way when he was trying to come back from C-Town and wondered what assholes were shooting in there. Funny.

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