I’ve always been intrigued at places with cheap wing nights, because wings can be pretty expensive at around $1+ at most places. I know that Croxley’s in the East Village has always had them, but I figured it was probably always packed. So they just opened up a Croxley’s in Williamsburg and they also have the 10cent wings (boneless) and 20cent classic wings (with bones). The deal is during Sunday all day & night, Saturdays 12-5pm, Mon-Thurs 4pm-1am. So pretty much almost all the time. Plus they are doing it during all the March Madness games. Sweet!

05 Twenty Cent Wings - Croxley's Abbey

I was thinking of getting some boneless and classic, but at 10 wing minimum per order (read the ordering rules below in the pics), I knew I couldn’t finish. So I went with ten 20cent classic with bones. They have lots of flavors. I asked the waitress what the “Fighting Irish” was. She told me not to get it. “It is gross.” I’ll trust her and just get the regular classic like a real man. They came out quick and were really crispy. Reminded me of how Korean wings are really crispy. Great deal!

I’m pretty excited about this new sports bar in Williamsburg. It’s huge. Easy to get a table during some pretty big games. Good attentive service. Great deal on wings!

Ben Sargent (aka Doctor Klaw) met up with me there for a drink. He had this really awesome red Cushman truckster parked out front.

Croxley’s Abbey – 63 Grand St (btwn Wythe & Kent Ave in Williamsburg) Brooklyn, NY 11211

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