Still recovering from the food parties. In the meantime, here’s a chicken & lamb over rice platter from the halal cart on 29th St & Broadway (NW corner). This is the first time I noticed a cart adding cilantro to my salad. The secret is cilantro, right? The lamb sliced off the meat pole tastes like hot dog meat. What’s that meat pole called? I could’ve used some cilantro on my meat pole meat.

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  1. Tio Wally

    That meat pole is called a “spit.” The contraption is called a “vertical rotisserie.” I’m sure both Middle Easterners and Mexicans — they use it to cook al Pastor — have much more exotic sounding names for them though it means exactly the same thing. (BTW: The reason the meat tasted like hot dog is because it was probably made by Oscar al-Mayer.) And yes, the secret is always cilantro. But never speak of it again; it’s one of those things that “they’d tell you but then they’d have to kill you.”


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