Now that I live in Bushwick, I can have one of the best burgers ever at Fritzl’s. However, I chose the “Palace” Fried Chicken Sandwich instead –Homemade chicken patty (brined breast and thigh) with lettuce and mayo on a roll $9. That sounds really good and it was.

I assume it’s modeled after Palace Fried Chicken restaurants that’s around New York. This tasted like a really good Burger King Chicken Sandwich …or a Palace Fried Chicken Sandwich. Instead of a ground/mashed up formed frozen patty, it’s real bits of chicken formed into a crispy hockey puck.

You know what I think makes it taste especially good is the mayo and shredded lettuce. Something about that makes it taste good. I think SNL was right on target when they made this skit about a new fake KFC item called KFC Shredders –a bag of lettuce where you put mayo and then shake.

Then I remember McDonald’s soon followed and made something very similar called Salad Shakers, where you shake up the lettuce and dressing in a sundae cup. Or maybe SNL was making fun of McDonald’s, but I remember the timing was the other way around.

Fritzl’s Lunch Box – 173 Irving Ave (btwn Stanhope St & Stockholm St in Bushwick) Brooklyn, NY 11237

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