Fried Chicken Sandwiches have been trending, at least here in New York. So it’s fitting that McDonald’s has come out with their Chicken Sandwich.

I got one late one night. I remember reading reviews and watching a Daym Drop YouTube review of McDonald’s new Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich and they all said it was over-cooked and had too much mayonnaise. I figured they probably just got a bum sandwich that particular time and I believe you can never have too much mayonnaise. I love mayonnaise. So let me try it.

Unfortunately, my chicken was also way over-cooked and dry …and they did put way too much mayonnaise. Even though I love mayonnaise, this was too much. So maybe that’s how these chicken sandwich just are, unfortunately.

I might just stick to the Egg McMuffins once they start selling them all day and night.

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