Late night in Greenpoint. Drunk and Starvin. I ordered the Italian Cheeseburger – two patties on a hero roll with fries and cheese on it. What’s Italian about it? The French Fries? It was pretty darn good. I think I made this sandwich in elementary school lunch with my tator tots and soy burger. Like how used to put the hash brown in my Egg McMuffin. I gotta start doing this again.

Palace Fried Chicken – 630 Manhattan Ave (@ Nassau) Brooklyn, NY 11226

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  1. withdraw

    i use to kill about 5 Italian cheeseburgers a week back in New Jersey now i live in TN and no one has ever heard of the burger. does anyone have the recipe for the Italian cheeseburger. im going through withdraw right now.

  2. admin

    @withdraw… Yeah, I think you can do this at most burger places. Stuff the burger with the fries in it. Actually I want to start doing this now.


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