So you know I like the $1 (or so) Hot & Spicy McChicken Sandwich. I decided to finally try the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich. I remember I kind of like Chick-fil-a. And this McDonald’s sandwich is supposed to be a rip-off of it. If you guys don’t know, there’s no real Chick-fil-a in NYC …except for the tiny express store in an NYU food court, but I think you need a student ID to get in. Lame.

Anyway, SeriousEats said the McDonald’s Southern Chicken Sandwich is pretty tasty compared to Chick-fil-a. The last time I had one was last year. But I kind of don’t remember really. So this McDonald’s was alright. I don’t think it was amazing. Decent. But I think I like the Hot & Spicy McChicken more! I know the McChicken is some kind of re-pressed meat, but I think it tastes better. And it’s a better deal. $4.29 vs $1.69 plus tax. Dang, I might get a Hot McChicken tomorrow.

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  1. tio wally

    You’ve got to try an Arby’s Fish Sandwich. They’re really, really good. I was told they’ll be running the 2 for $4 (or $5 depending on the location) beginning next month. In the meantime, they have the filets in the restaurants now and they’ll “special order” you one (for $2.99). It takes 5 minutes to cook.

    BTW, if they can’t find it on their little machine, the Fish Sandwich is located under “Chicken”; Chicken, however, is located under Market Fresh® Sandwiches. Go figure. … Now go impress them with your knowledge of their system and get a Fish Sandwich.


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