Man, long lines everywhere today. Not just to get Powerball tickets, but for lunch. Maybe everyone is out for lunch today, so they could get Powerball tickets. Dang. I walked everywhere and was so annoyed by the lines.

Somehow I said fuck it and ended up at McDonald’s to try that 99cent Hot ‘n Spicy McChicken sandwich I keep seeing on TV. It looks very similar to the Checker’s 99cent Spicy Chicken Sandwich that I love so dear –that Spicy Chicken Sandwich that I used to ride home from college on my bike and pick up on the way –that sandwich that has a few shreds of lettuce and a decent amount of mayonnaise to cool off that heat –that chicken sandwich that is reminiscent of something you get in the high school cafeteria –that Checker’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich that I missed a flight home from Atlanta for.

Well in Manhattan, McDonald’s Hot & Spicy Chicky isn’t 99cents, but $1.69. Whatever. It was very close to my memory that Checkers’ 99cent Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Dang. I like it. It’s such a cheap little sandwich. Pretty spicy.

Man, that’s the only thing I’ve eaten all day. 380 calories. It’s 10:41pm now and I had that Micky D’s Chicky at lunch. Now I had maybe five whiskeys. I’m too scared to go upstairs.

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