I got a comment here the other day from Evan:

Hey. You need to go to El Comal on Orient and Metropolitan. Seriously. Amazing. Mexican Food cooked to order in the back. So cheap. Also, they need our business. I don’t want them to go away. Been there two months and I don’t see a lot of people. We need more food in the Orient, maspeth, olive triangle. Support the hood! Get people going there.

I’ve seen this place. I thought it was just a regular bodega. It was shortly a 99cent store pretty recently.

I told Todd about this and he went there yesterday. He confirmed that the tacos are good.

I went here today with Rusty and Dave Dondero. The bodega is large. Spacious, but not a whole lot of products. They have steam tray tables meant for some kind of buffet, but they are empty. There’s a shelf of tortilla shells, cheese, salsas and raw meat you can buy to make tacos at home. And then the grill is in the back.

They make all sorts of things, Mexican food (tacos, enchiladas, sopes, tortas) to breakfasts platters and sandwiches.

I ordered three tacos for myself ($2.50 each). I got a carne asada (beef), carnitas (pork) and lengua (tongue). They all came out looking the same, but did taste different. I think what was the carne asada was the best. But all really good. Very authentic Mexican style tacos.

If only this place sold beer and stayed open later. I’ll be back.

El Comal Deli and Grill – 817 Metropolitan (between Bushwick Ave/Woodpoint and Orient), Brooklyn NY 11121

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  1. Evan Creem

    Thanks, Jason! I too wish they served beer and had more regular hours. I think if they get busier they will stay open later. I try to make it a habit of going once a week. The Sopes are good as well as the burritos. Tortas are good but nothing to write home about. I think the bread sits there too long. My go to lately is tinga de pollo nachos. Giant plate for $7. Almost a mole sauce on the chicken. You have to eat them right away or they will get soggy. Good thing to get with a friend for watching a football game.


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