The BK Fire-Grilled Ribs I previewed back in February is now on the menu at participating Burger Kings nationwide for a limited time. These are real bone-in ribs and from memory (because I’m too lazy to read my old post), they were surprisingly good. Real ribs at a fast food chain? I guess if the world can check their mail and watch TV on a RAZR phone, why not?

My recent blast of fast food coverage isn’t over. Come back Monday, for something really cool.

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  1. Melinda

    Yep, I remember your post about BK ribs, and I thought “No way”, but then I went to BK on Thrusday and saw them on the menu, so definitely trying them!

      • tom dauber

        tried a 6 pack of ribs they tasted great but the overall quality was lacking. the ribs were small and at $6 for 6 ribs im not going to buy any more

  2. robert

    The ribs were very small.[6 ribs] and a small coke.$9.00 waste of money.And i was so hungry after i ate them.Was shocked how small the ribs were.I want my money back.Not kiding.

  3. Anita

    I tried them yesterday…What a rip off!!! They are so small, you’re lucky to get a full bite of meat out of each one. I was expecting them to be twice the size they are. For the cost you should forget trying them.


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