We were watching some Gator football at Jody & Christa’s in Greenpoint. I asked about the Yummy Taco (Chinese run Tex-Mex) around the corner. Jody said it was yummy and mentioned that they have a Super Burrito that includes chicken, steak and shrimp ($6.99). That sound weird. So I had to try it.

I went in and it was like any other Chinese run Tex-Mex like Fresco Tortilla Grill or Super Taco Express in the city. They make their own flour tortillas fresh. This place, their machine looked pretty cool. A manual hand cranked squashing machine. I was nervous of taking a photo of it, because they looked nervous of me being in there.

I brought back a big bag of food –the Super Burrito, Nachos, and a Veggie Taco. They included those small red liquidy hot sauce containers like the other places. How did they all coordinate to do that? If I was them, I just put in hot sauce packets like at Chinese takeouts, since it seems easier. Oh! They should also do Chinese homemade hot mustard. That would be sick on that food …sick as in awesome.

The food tasted alright. Just like what you expect from Chinese Tex-Mex. Not amazing, but affordable and good enough. I love the fresh flour tortillas. The Super Burrito had huge ass  fried shrimp in there. Several of them. Pretty good deal with it packed with so much big shrimp.

Yummy Taco - 941 Manhattan Ave (btwn Java & Kent St) Brooklyn, NY 11222

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