Sam Murakami: what’s for lunch?
chinolam: I want to eat some Tex-Mex food made by Chinese people.

I’ve been craving it since I read this interview with Andrew WK and how he used to eat at Fresco Tortilla everyday when he moved to NY. So we went to the nearby Super Taco Express. Looks just like a Chinese take-out spot, but with cheap looking Tex-Mex food instead. Once we walked in, this lady was yelling at the employees for checking her $100 bill she wanted to pay with. “I’m going to leave before I spit on all you Chinese people.” I don’t think she meant us though, because Sam is Japanese and I always think of myself as white.

Sam got the chicken and I got the steak & jalapeno special combination platter ($5.69 …$6.20 after tax). The flour tortillas were frickin amazing. I think it’s the grease on them that makes it taste so good. Definitely the best flour tortillas I can remember having. It made the so-so meat platter decent when I made them as tacos. You get two tortillas, but I think the platter has enough food to make 6-8 tacos.

If you were wondering how the Chinese started making Tex Mex in NY, here’s an old NYTimes article about the origins. Next up, Fresco Tortilla on Lex! I will remember to bring small bills.

Super Taco Express – 225 7th Ave (btwn 23rd & 24th St) New York, NY 10011

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  1. r

    super taco express rocks. Their chicken enchiladas are super filling, tasty and cheap! If you eat there more than once they will absolutely remember you and ask if you want your “usual.”

  2. Sam Shady

    More detail: The crazy lady tried to justify that the $100 bill wasn’t fake by saying, “You think I would go through the trouble of carrying fake cash on a hot day like this?”


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