Out with friends in Coney Island for yesterday’s Siren Fest. The singer from Screaming Females was like the girl version of me. She had my hair. I always wondered what I looked like on stage. But this girl shredded hard on guitar, unlike me. They were badass.

For food, I’ve waited a year to come back to try that huge torta sandwich in the midway that I saw last year after I had already stuffed my face. Plaza Mexico Dona Zita, I’m glad you’re still around. I’ve seen two other Mexican spots there turn into a t-shirt store. Pork Torta –the lady took the big bread buns, spread it with mayonnaise and put them mayo side down on the griddle, spread refried beans and back on the griddle, then topped with lotsa chopped pork, pickled jalapeño peppers, half an avocado, tons of Oaxaca cheese, lettuce, tomato. It was as awesome tasting as it was awesome looking. Sam and I had to split this. $8. Worth every cent.

Watched some more bands and went back out with Shonali and Jasper for more food. We stopped over at the newish Kaplash Cuchifritos stand (I think that’s how they spell it. I can’t read the sign.) Got the mofongo and chicharrón (which I never had just as the pork rind and no meat). A nice lady next to us shared her fried plantains and meaty chunks version of chicharrón. She was really into the food there. Then Shonali and Jasper grabbed a chorizo & chicken taco and watermelon juice. I was about to say that Todd got diarrhea sick from the chorizo there last year, but didn’t because I didn’t want to put that in their heads. They did leave Siren early, so I do wonder.

Out on the beach, I think I was the hottest girl there. The lifeguard was so ghetto. He had a do-rag and smoked a cigarette. He yelled at some kid “No dunking!” I don’t think the kid was in the water. I’m not sure if he was a real lifeguard, but at least he was making sure everyone was safe.

We saw former WWF wrestler Virgil on the boardwalk, signing autographs. He said he was going to dinner with Michael Bloomberg and talked about how rich him and Vince McMahon are. I wonder if he was confused with the Million Dollar Man.

The rest of the night had a lot to do with cups of straight vodka …some from Dan Aykroyd and some from a man hiding behind a tent with a granny cart.

Great time at Siren! Thanks Neil, Diane, Shonali and the Village Voice.

My camera’s audio sucks.

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