A friend of mine is hosting quite an ambitious taco bike tour (El Tour de Taco) today throughout Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Without a bike, I resorted to Taco Bell to try their new Black Jack Taco (black shell taco with beef and pepper jack sauce). I didn’t see it on the menu and I was a little nervous to ask if they had “the Black Taco” while two black girls were standing waiting for their order. But then I remembered it was called the “Black Jack” so all was good.

The black shell reminds me of blue corn chips, even though it’s most likely food coloring.  It’s like when I tried Pepsi Crystal and thought it tasted like Sprite, only because of the visual association. Although the black shell doesn’t do anything different outside of appearances, the Black Jack is a winner with that zesty pepper jack sauce. I didn’t need to add flavor via taco sauce like I usually do.

Note that prices vary. $1.49 in NY.

So they made red taco shells for the Volcano Taco and now black for this Black Jack. I wonder what’s next. I wonder if Harry Connick Jr. is offended.
01 Black Jack Taco Bell ad02 Black Jack Taco - Taco Bell

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  1. Sarah

    I had one today, too. It wasn’t crunchy, due to prolonged transportation time from TBell to home to mouth.
    I liked it a lot, sign me up for more. I agree, it didn’t need any more sauce. I did think the sauce was a bit like a slightly spicy ranch but still good. Great deal for the money.

  2. Dennis

    The pepperjack sauce as advertised is the baja sauce they have had for a long time. You can get that sauce added to anything. Try the Crunchwrap supreme, no sour cream, add baja. Awesome.

  3. Conveyician

    LOL! Well, pink tacos were always racist – white women only. Now the NEW Black Jack Taco! Yummy! no more racism! Could this be in response to our new president?

  4. grenadeh

    Remember the time they had bacon club chalupas? Spicy chicken crunchwrap supreme? Chicken flatbread? Insert 50 other amazing items here? Me too. Assholes.

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