For this Ramen & Friends dinner, Yoshie took us to Cha Chan Tang –a Hong Kong style diner in Chinatown. They had cheap shark fins soup for $2.50. It was imitation shark fin using cellophane noodles. Tasted very beefy and pretty good. I also liked the foods with condensed milk. The Portuguese Chicken Rice was interesting. Very creamy.

Some dislikes: My curry beef brisket wasn’t quite what expected. I was hoping for slow cooked brisket, but it was more like flank steak slices you’d get in your Beef & Broccoli. Also Rob’s Fried Rice with Sausage was actually hot dog. I was hoping it was Chinese Sausage.

Well at least everyone thought the waitresses were cute.

Cha Chan Tang – 45 Mott St (btwn Pell & Bayard) New York, NY 10013
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  1. tio wally

    Nitpicking is my life, J:

    A hotdog is, technically, a sausage. So Rob, technically, got exactly what he ordered — Fried Rice with Sausage. So here’s my *real* nitpick: As a young, handsome man of Asian lineage equipped with a pair of ever-so-tight pants (I saw the commercial/video/thangy you appeared in) and a shit-eating grin, I think you owe America an explanation of how a hotdog/sausage can make its way from Homer’s “Odyssey” (probably via China?) made its way into fried rice at Cha Chan Tang.

    If you can follow that historical thread or, better yet, sausage linkage, I’m pretty sure you might (Cha-Ching!) end up with your own show on, say, VH1. Of course, being VH1 they’d probably want a show about you opening a string of *roasted goat head (halal, of course) carts. The bastards!!

    ‘Til next time, keep up the good work.

    *Franchises still available.


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