Okay, we were drunk last night after seeing Guided By Voices at the South Street Seaport. Saw a sign for Burger King’s new Mac n’ Cheetos. Went in ordered that and a Grilled Hot Dog we never tried. YOLO!

First the Grilled Classic Dog… decent dog for what it is at $2.29. No complaints, but not mind blowing.

03 Burger King Classic Hot Dog

Now the Mac n’ Cheetos… It’s deep-fried mac n cheese with the some Cheetos seasoning on the crust and made shaped like a Cheeto. This was pretty good. The crust was crunchy. The insides gooey with cheese. There were real bits of macaroni in there. Not so much of a mush that I thought it would be. Overall, pretty good.

04 Burger King Mac n Cheetos

05 Burger King Mac n Cheetos

I also found a Pokemon in Burger King.

07 Pokemon GO in Burger King

Then later last night, Todd sent me a link to this video review:

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