A few nights ago, I was at my local corner deli, Golden Star Corner. We were talking about taking a photo of their great new True Grit sandwich (roast beef, honey turkey, turkey bacon, lettuce/tomato, cheese on a hero) for them to hang up. I had been drinking and I was trying to impress a girl that was ordering a sandwich. I told her to get one with a Jamaican beef patty in it. That sparked the idea behind the Jamaican Me Hungry.

Jamaican Me Hungry (beef patty, cheese, ham, peppers, onions, mayo and hot sauce) …dang. My dreams have become a reality. I can only imagine all the kids from Legion ordering one after a wild late night.

I hope you enjoy them.

Sold exclusively at Golden Star Corner – 780 Metropolitan Ave (@ Humboldt) Brooklyn, NY 11211

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