Hit up another Chinese spot in Elmhurst. Another pick and point place (3 items over rice w/ soup for $4.75). Then there’s a bakery on the right and congee, dim sum, bbq on the left. There was a good crowd in there. All different types of people, although all Asian.

I went with the chicken feet (Phoenix Talons) from the dim sum section for $2.75. Some chili sauce and I was ready to go. If you were wondering, it’s mostly soft stewed skin and some tendons you’re eating. I used to like this as a kid. Then I learned it was chicken feet and was disgusted. I’m not afraid anymore, now that I know what other stuff I’m putting in my mouth. The chicken feet were good here. I ate it all.

Rice-n-Tea Chinese Restaurant – 8274 Broadway. Elmhurst, NY 11373

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