A Yoshie/Ramen & Friends get-together at Famous Sichuan, the place across the street from the people waiting outside to get into Joe’s Shanghai. We did it up family style. I got to eat the tail from the Camphor Tea Smoked Duck. It was fatty and delicious. Melted in my mouth. Duck Tails – A Whoo Hoo!

Later in the meal, I saw one of the girls wearing the very mustache I was looking for all day. “Hey, that’s the mustache I was looking today!” “Why were you looking for a mustache?’ “For a Spinal Tap Sing-along I’m hosting. Why do you have that mustache?” “I’m going to a mustache fundraiser party.” She gave me the mustache. Bless her heart. Four people have asked me if I used the Secret to get this mustache. I can’t really say …it’s a secret.

I was planning on going to the mustache party that Matt was also going to. But somehow we all got lost in the shuffle, when Rob and I snuck off across the street to Quickly for a bag of Fried Squid Balls. They were spicy, spongy, delicious snacks.

We met back up with the rest of the crew that were still around and headed off for dessert at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. I wanted to try Durian flavored ice cream, just like at the time I was in Sunset Park at No.1 Ice Cream. But like them, they didn’t have any. I wonder if they run out or they just don’t make too much of it. Adam says Durian smells like garbage, but it’s good because of the texture. I ended up with Zen Butter (toasted sesame seeds with peanut butter) and it was heavenly. I did get a taste of what Durian might be like as we walked past a garbage truck on our way to the subway station.

Famous Sichuan – 10 Pell St (btw Bowery & Doyers St) New York, NY 10013
Quickly – 11 Pell St. (btw Bowery & Doyers St) New York, NY 10013
Chinatown Ice Cream Factory – 65 Bayard St (btw Elizabeth & Mott St) New York, NY 10013
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  1. ALev

    I don’t recall saying durian was ‘good’ per se. But it’s not bad. It’s just…different.


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