I walked around during my lunch all over the place trying to find a Derek Smalls type mustache for the Spinal Tap Sing-a-long I’m hosting in a couple weeks. It was tough. I almost bought an Abe Lincoln beard thinking I could wear it upside down. Instead, I settled on a baby Derek Smalls stache for $20. Better than nothing I suppose. (foreshadowing the next post)

I then passed by Dogmatic, the place with the fancy looking sausage/hot dogs that my friends Liz and Allison told me about a long time ago. It’s in the same place where they used to have another expensive hot dog place, but not as fancy looking as it is now. The baguette style bread is toasted on metal spikes and the sausage inserted into the baguette tube. You get a choice of sausage or asparagus and a sauce like chimichurri, cheddar jalepeno, and sun dried tomato feta. I got the pork sausage with truffle gruyere sauce, a side of mac n cheese and their coconut homemade soda (around $10). Creamy overload there.

The mac n cheese is amazing. It was oozing with creamy bubbling cheese when I pierced it with my fork. The best texture of mac n cheese to memory. A bit more salt on it would have made it rule.

One of the employees was super nice and enthusiastic about her job. She should be on a McDonald’s commercial selling Egg McMuffins. She sure can sell sausages.

Dogmatic Gourmet Sausage System – 120 MacDougal Street, NY NY 10012

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