White Castle now has chili! Their sign is both scary and tempting. I think it’s because the chili photo looks good and “Angus Steak” sounds fancy, but I know it’s at White Castle.

They have three sizes –Small, Medium and Family Size, ranging from $2.79 to $9.99. I went with the small.

I was expecting it to be like the chili you’d squirt onto a hot dog at a gas station, but this was actually good. The texture was nice. It was all bits of real steak.

I want to compare it to Wendy’s chili, but it’s difficult because they are so different. I like both of them. Wendy’s is the better deal, being on the 99cent menu. White Castle has more of interesting texture. Makes me feel like I’m eating fancy food.

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  1. Obbop

    After some Web research and actual tasting of meat foodstuffs using Angus-type beef, at fast-food joints, slow-food joints and from various butchers, grocery store meat sections etc. that advertise and sell Angus-type beef I believe much of the “Angus Craze” is mere marketing and that id “blind taste tests” were performed that the typical meat chomper uponer would be unable to differentiate between “bare” meat and finished products using Angus beef or non-Angus beef.

  2. tio wally

    I’ll tell ya: Some of the best chili out there can be found at — of all places — Wendy’s.


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