Dang, they really worked on making this year’s Bushwick Block Party bigger than before –more space for food vendors and getting Andrew WK to headline. This time they even had a security check to just get into the block (21+ and no outside drinks). I would say it was more of a mini festival to sell stuff than an old fashion block party.

Getting in wasn’t bad at all. I was at the front of the line in about two minutes. It was funny watching a girl pout because security wouldn’t let her in the re-entry without a wristband. She stood there for so long pouting, when she could’ve just got in line …and it was only about ten people long.

The line to get into Roberta’s was insane though. I think there was a dance party. I didn’t try to touch it. Although, I did get into the beer line and that was crazy long too. There was only one beer tent in that area. I felt like it was a 30-40min wait. At least I made friends in the line.

There was barely a line for the Porta-Pottys, which is strange because where did everyone pee after they drank all those beers?

I bought a plate of Vegan Ethiopian food at the Bunna Cafe stand. They do pop-up events and venues around NY, but this is the first time I’ve seen them. It was really good. I was standing there a little drunk and wondering why my fingers were so messy, then realized, oh yeah I ate with my hands.

I saw the Wild Yaks and I always love them. Also got some Andrew WK action at the end, but he got cut off by the police in the middle of his hit song and pulled off stage by security …as you can see in this video.

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