Rusty and I tried out Best Pizza (from the people behind Brooklyn Star & Roberta’s). Holy Moly. It really is best pizza. At least one of the best. I say this even after recently eating Di Fara’s. It’s totally different from Di Fara’s, but equally amazing. Also different from Roberta’s style, the crust on the Grandma slice is almost like thin French bread. Slices are in the $4+ range, but worth it.

Thumbs up for also having pepper-infused oil for you to splash on with the condiments.

Best Pizza – 33 Havemeyer St (btwn N 8th & 7th St) Brooklyn, NY 11211

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  1. Paris

    I have to disagree, this was the worst pizza I’ve come into contact with in a long time. Granted, their garlic knots weren’t bad, but how hard could it be to screw up butter soaked dough? This pizza was way too think (non-existent on your plate), the crust was awful and even “Grandma’s” slice was subpar. The sauce was nothing special and super scarce cheese. It was so disappointing, especially with a cocky name like “Best Pizza.” We left after trying one slice and went to the real best pizza in Williamsburg, Sals. His crust is incredible, and that pizza is worth the 3 bucks a slice. Never going back here again. They seriously need to go back to the drawing board.


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