After band practice with the Party Animals tonight, we had a bite with Pok Pok Wing in the Lower East Side in the old Baohaus spot. I always thought the wings looked awesome in photos that I’ve seen online. So it was a good chance to finally try them.

I got the full order of Ike’s Thai Wings (6 for $12.49) spicy. It came with a small Vietnamese salad, which had some of those pickled carrots and daikon that goes on a Banh Mi Sandwich. The wings were pretty good. Maybe not mind-blowing as it looked in the photos, but pretty good. I think the thing that left me with a bad taste in my mouth was that it sounded pretty expensive for 6 wings. But for some reason, I was stuffed even after sharing a wing with the band. Now that I think about it, they were full connected wings. So if they just chopped them in half, they could have called it 12 wings. Then it’s not that bad of a deal.

The rest of the guys got the Khao Man Som Tam (green papaya salad served with coconut rice and sweet shredded pork cooked in palm sugar and black soy, topped with fried shallots and cilantro.) Pretty good. And Dave also got a Som Drinking Vinegar drink. Tasted like apple cider vinegar.

After hearing a lot about Pok Pok coming to New York, I was surprised how empty the place was. Maybe it’s because of the big C letter grade in the window. Isn’t that like getting an F? I saw some girls walking by thinking about going in, but saw the C. I wonder how dirty you have to be to get a C. I’ve seen some real shady Chinese take-outs with an A.

Pok Pok Wing – 137 Rivington St (btwn Norfolk & Suffolk St) New York 10002

This’ll be my first time in a long time on guitar in a band. It’s fun playing it. Party Animals is playing boogie woogie songs for a benefit this Friday night (8/13) at Grand Victory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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  1. julie

    pok pok wing has actually been open since the beginning of the year, and hasn’t been quite as critically received as the place you’re probably thinking of, pok pok ny. it’s andy ricker’s first sit-down restaurant, in brooklyn, and just opened 3-4 months ago.


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