I headed out to House of Vans this past Thursday to see King Kahn and the Shrines. I ran through the crazy derecho storm to get to the subway. You gotta check out the crazy sky in this photo. It’s like Gozer.

Then when I got out in Greenpoint, I figured I should grab a bite at Lollipop. Jody told me they have really good Banh Mi Vietnamese Sandwiches, but they always take a long time to make. It’s true. I got the Classic ($4.75 plus tax) and it was great, but did take longer than I’d expect. The ground pork was really good in it. They spice it up and I loved it. It’s possibly the best Banh Mi in Greenpoint …although it might be the only Banh Mi in Greenpoint?

Lollipop - 685 Manhattan Ave (btwn Bedford & Norman Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11222

After the nice sandwich, I went to House of Vans –the sneaker company’s private skate park built in a old industrial warehouse in Greenpoint. They’ve been having free summer shows the past two years with some cool bands. Lots of people, but huge space with a gigantic fan on the ceiling. This night, the bass was booming for Nicky Da B, which felt like a gay club rager, with people booty shaking on stage. It was cool.

Apparently, it was an all-ages show and the Heineken Light all free. I’ve never seen so many drunk middle-schoolers. One girl was making out with her boyfriend and asking my friends about an umbrella, then tried to make out with another dude. There was almost a fight. But I think they were all 13-15 years old. I remember we used to be able to do dumb shit when we were young, but I always thought it was harder to that stuff now, since everywhere I go is usually 21+. I guess it’s good to know that kids can still be dumb if they want.

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