Okay, dang. It took me a long time to get to write this post. NYC is takes a toll on my time and body. I’m too tired to party from all the partying.

We went to Dan Delaney’s Brisket Lab at Bobby Redd’s Church in Bed-Stuy/Bushwick this past Tuesday. The old former-church is rad –converted to an art space. I’m impressed that all the stained glass windows are still perfectly intact. There was a beer tap in the confession booth. Rusty kept making Sandusky jokes.

The brisket was good. I asked for the fatty cut and it was delicious. A half pound of meat is quite a lot though. I read somewhere you should really eat 1/4 lbs of meat per serving. So we were all stuffed by the end.

Brother’s Green of Youtube’s Hungry channel make the side salad. Tall Six Points cans for $2. The Grand Street Stompers band was really good. I see them perform at Harefield Road sometimes. This was a really fun event. I have 3 more events to go to to collect all the meat I pre-purchased. I’m going to be meated out by the end of this summer.

All the brisket (2,500+ pounds) are sold out, but check http://delaneybbq.com/brisketlab for future events.

I had some other things to bring home that night after I was done partying at BrisketLab. I just got a Frogg Togg Chilly Pad towel to keep me cool this summer. You just wet it and it cools you down. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this thing before? Or at least tell me that even a plain wet towel would work too?

Then I played the brand new NCAA 13 for PS3 –preordered at Game Stop for the exclusive Tim Tebow bonus. You can put him on any team you want, but surely EA is going to go to hell for allowing this…

I started my season with Tebow leading the Gators. It was fun, but I kept losing to Texas A&M. This game felt like bullshit. Why weren’t there any Option Run plays called with Tebow? Why did Tebow throw so many interceptions? You look at his college stats and he’s an amazing passer –with passing yards, TDs, completion percentage and QB rating comparable to an Andrew Luck …and Luck didn’t have all those rushing yards and TDs like Tebow nor had to play against SEC defenses. I couldn’t believe I was losing to Texas A&M so badly. It felt like EA made Tebow’s abilities more like how critics see him in the NFL, rather than how he truly was in college. I felt so jipped.

Tim Tebow Passing Rushing
Season Team GP Rating Att Comp Pct Yds TD INT Sack Att Yds TD
2006 Florida Gators 14 201.7 33 22 66.7 358 5 1 0 89 469 8
2007 Florida Gators 13 172.5 350 234 66.9 3,286 32 6 13 210 895 23
2008 Florida Gators 14 172.4 298 192 64.4 2,747 30 4 15 176 673 12
2009 Florida Gators 14 155.6 304 213 70.1 2,895 21 5 25 217 910 14
Totals 55 170.8 985 661 67.1 9,286 88 15 53 692 2947 57

Now that I am less drunk and pissed off, maybe I was getting beaten so bad because I’m playing with this year’s Florida Gators and Urban Meyer isn’t calling the plays. That’s probably why I sucked. But still… Tebow. They did make him able to scramble well though. Anyway, it’s really not much better than the NCAA game three years ago. They tricked me into buying this for Tebow. I guess it’s still worth it.

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