I was invited to a Hard Rock Cafe party where they were showing off two new memorabilia collections that are going to be on tour on a bus across the country. It was pretty cool staring at Kurt Cobain’s yearbook and Keith Moon’s leather outfit. It’s also interesting how some of the outfits looks so fat for such skinny guys like John Lennon or Michael Jackson …which coincidentally, I was just recently thinking about getting a Thriller or Beat It replica jacket and I was worried about the fit. So now I just don’t know.

The party was catered which I assume by the Hard Rock Cafe. One interesting thing was the Mashed Potato Bar —something I feel I would’ve invented. There was sweet potato and regular potato with a bunch of different toppings (brown gravy, walnuts, marshmallows, scallions, cheese, sour cream, butter, bacon, brown sugar).

I got both potatoes in my cocktail glass and when I put half of the toppings in I asked for sour cream. Then the guy was like “Whoa… not sour cream. You have marshmallows.” I thought that was weird since I already had bacon, scallions and cheese. Well I think I got everything except butter, gravy and sour cream. Then I asked him to torch it on fire. I don’t know why that’s an option. Anyway, it was pretty disgusting. Now that I’m sober, I get it. Those were two separate things –Sweet Potato bar and Mashed Potato bar. I’m surprised the guy let me go that far.

It was nice running into an old acquaintance there, who played in a pretty interesting band back in Orlando when I was in college. He now works for the Hard Rock.

Before I left, I headed to the Men’s room. It was kinda funny seeing the rock memorabilia they put up back there by the restrooms –Sugar Ray, Three Doors Down, Maroon 5. Courtney Love’s guitar is hidden behind the coat rack.

When I washed my hands, I saw all these different colognes I’ve recently wanted to try. I sprayed about five of them on only because the attendant let me. He actually sprayed it on me. I forget which ones were the best. But I realized how strong it was when I was on the subway. I’m not sure if it was all that bad. I noticed two different older European ladies standing closer to me when they got on the train.

Hard Rock Cafe – 1501 Broadway (btwn 43rd & 44th St) New York, NY 10036

Oh yeah, this is the song that was playing in the restroom at the Hard Rock Cafe. I came right home and sang it.

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