I got into Boston for John’s wedding a little early. So I walked around Chinatown and ended up getting a Big Bun ($1.60) at Maxim Coffee Shop. It’s filled with ground pork, hard boiled egg, Chinese sausage, water chestnut. It wasn’t quite want my mouth wanted, but I ate all of that big bun anyway.

I still wasn’t satisfied, so I got a Roast Pork bun at Hing Shing Pastry. Look at that mushy filling.

I want to think I looked like some smooth Chinese gangster walking around the Chinatown bakeries in my wedding suit. But they probably thought I looked more like a weird 15 year old kid dressed up for Halloween.

Maxim Coffee Shop - 62 Harrison Ave. (btwn Beach St & Oxford Pl) Boston, MA 02111
Hing Shing Pastry – 67 Beach St. (btwn Hudson St & Oxford St) Boston, MA 02111

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