Yoshie took the Ramen and Friends crew to Excellent Pork Chop House in Chinatown for some excellent Taiwanese Fried Pork Chops.

I really dug the Wonton in Chili Sauce. I bought an order to share with the table (which we had split into girls and boys tables), but I ended up hogging them to myself.

Instead of getting the traditional Pork Chop over rice ($5.25), I got the Herbal Soup with Lo Mein ($7) and a Pork Chop ($2.50) on the side. The Herbal Soup tasted like Chinese medicine, but not as bad as that sounds. I asked the waitress what this Herbal Soup was good for, but she wouldn’t tell me. I somehow got the feeling from the guys that it had to do with my privates.

I put that pork chop over the noodles that had ground pork and pickled cucumber –mixed it up with some of the leftover wonton chili sauce. That was awesome. I was kind of full only a few bites into those noodles, but somehow I finished that big bowl.

Afterwards, we went ahead and ordered a Taiwanese Ice with a ton of crap on it. I think it was a deal on the menu, but we couldn’t read it because it was in Chinese –like $4.50 for whatever they want to put on it. It had a bunch of different color beans, different color jellys, fruit, tapioca balls and I think corn. We didn’t eat much of it. But I can’t remember if it was because we were stuffed or because I thought the yellow jelly was pig foot gelatin.

This place is great. It’s cheap and the pork chops are excellent. I like how they made a big point to advertise the MSG on their menu.

Excellent Pork Chop House - 3 Doyers St (btwn Bowery & Chatham Sq) New York, NY 10013
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  1. tio wally

    Yes, the Herbal Soup had to do with your genitals. It has to do with certain types of bodily extensions; in Chinese it’s pronounced “Long Dong.” I’m surprised you’re not familiar with this. Ask your Dad about it. I’m sure he would be very pleased — thrilled! — to finally have the opportunity to have this discussion with you.


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