I’ve posted snippets from the road, but now I’m ready to share our full-on adventures and photos from our Shonali Bhowmik 100 Oak’s Revival tour down South…

Day 2: The tire pressure warning light was on, so we stopped at a gas station in Skippers, VA …nothing much around, but I did see a small building next door. It looked kinda like a strip club at first, but I saw a sign for FOOD! I ran over while the band checked out the tires.

They had a $1.99 Pork Chop special that day (Thursdays). I went ahead inside to order one. It’s a little dark lounge with a couple of pool tables. The people there were really nice. The chef said we should come back to play music for them.

When he pulled out the pork chop out of the deep fryer, I couldn’t believe it’s size. Humongous! I was expecting a little small thing for $1.99. This thing was incredible. It was bigger than my face. Reminded me of the big pork chop at Brooklyn Star, but I think this was bigger. He put it on 2 slices of white bread. This thing was amazing. Tasted great. The best deal I’ve ever had. It was fate that the warning signal went off.

Cafe Soul – 1200 Moore Ferry Rd. Skippers, VA 23879

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  1. Obbop

    I, too, have noticed that many firms offer a LARGE slab of breaded pork upon various bread-types, often a large hamburger-type roll though other roll-types are common.

    Wondering as to why the price was low for the amount of product passed across the serving counter I am guessing that the pork is from a less desirable thus less expensive part of the hog/pig/oinker.

    As with cows not all parts of the critter are “equal” with some “cuts” commanding a premium price.

    A pork “cutlet” suitable for deep frying and served as a sandwich or on a plate with taters and other side dished can, I believe, be tenderized by being beaten with a hammer-like utensil designed for the task.

    This can be done cheaply and quickly at the packing house on a mass scale, tossed into a box, frozen then sold to restaurants, fast-food-type firms etc. at low cost.

    A food stuff intended for the “masses.”

    A growing cohort within the USA as an ever-growing amount and percentage of USA wealth relentlessly climbs upwards into the outstretched greedy grasp of the few high atop the socio-economic pyramid-shaped hierarchy.


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