We took the Lincoln MKZ down to Chinatown in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Our first time down there. It reminded me of Latino Brooklyn streets, but with older Chinese people. The sun roof made it food blog friendly for me to get some shots while cruisin. We Google texted Lan Zhou hand pulled noodles, the only place I’ve heard of down there. It sent us to a mobile phone store. So we stopped in the first place that looked good and cheap. San Ma Malaysian restaurant. I got the Curry Stuffed Combination Noodle Soup. I thought it would be combination meats, but it turned out to be fried tofu, eggplant and a fried fish & tofu in-one cake. The broth was creamy curry deliciousness. I didn’t care for the noodles. Jody got the Curry Shrimp Noodle Soup, where the shrimp was pineapple spiked carved. Actually I think it was squid, but was hoping he didn’t notice. Christa took a stab at the Sate Tofu, only because it was one of the only vegetarian items. She won and was so happy at what it was …satay peanut sauce over cubes of fried tofu.

Then we walked around the neighborhood. The Chinese people were laughing at Jody taking pics of fish in the buckets they were selling on the sidewalk. I wish I was as brave as him. I picked up some steamed vegetable buns (two for $1) at a cart on 8th Ave and 57th St. The bun was cold, but I’m sure it would it would be good microwaved. I also picked up a pork zongzi (sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves). We were able to get back in time for me to meet up with my friends Ryan and Meghan from Florida. We went on a pub crawl. The last shot did me in. We ran into an old friend which turned into some friendly street wrestling. It didn’t take long before the shirts came off. 10 seconds.

San Ma Malaysian Restaurant – 5918 8th Ave (btw 59th & 60th St) Brooklyn, NY 11220

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