Oh dang. I love a good bowl of slop. I saw a Yelp photo of this Spicy Laing (taro leaves cooked with shrimp, pork in coconut milk served with spicy green peppers) at Tito Rad’s, a Filipino restaurant in Sunnyside Queens. I thought how good that bowl of slop looked …and dang, it was good.

Imagine a bowl of spicy creamed spinach, with bits of shrimp and tender fatty pork, mixed with a coconut curry sauce. I loved it. Just enough food for one and went well with rice.

I also saw some good looking dishes to the table next to me. They had Bean Sprout Fritters and Grilled Tuna Belly. What’s the etiquette of taking photos of the family and their food next to me?

Tito Rad’s - 49-12 Queens Blvd. Sunnyside, NY 11377

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