Bait and Tackle Wings

Suzy and Conner were in town and we went out for drinks after work. I was hungry and I saw a sign for 25 cent wings at Bait & Tackle on 14th St and 2nd Ave. Sounds like a really good deal. Turns out they will be having 25 cent wings during the first half of all NFL games. 50 cent in the 2nd half.

We were even there right when happy hour was ending and 25 cent wings were beginning. Bartender let us do both. Cool!

And it’s a pretty nice bar with big TVs to watch football and opened windowed walls …great for a nice New York day. Even if that means sirens going by occasionally and honking cars, it’s nice.

Another note: I had been eating wings for 4 days in a row. Guess what my fingers smell like.

Bait & Hook Seafood Shack – 231 2nd Ave (@ 14th St) New York, NY 10003

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